Our Mission

   Our mission is to contribute with state-of-the-art engineering computational tools to high performance engineering design that includes real-life uncertainties and by this to increase the U.S. technology competitiveness on the global international industry market.

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Application Areas

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GP Technologies has accumulated an engineering experience of more than fifty years in the area of computational mechanics, statistical modeling and structural risk prediction.

Most of the GP Technologies research projects are related to engineering projects on the application of advanced computational modeling using innovative stochastic mechanics and reliability-based optimization techniques to aircraft, ground vehicle and nuclear facility systems analysis and design applications. GP Technologies staff has an extensive engineering experience for performing seismic structural-soil interaction analysis, safety margin evaluation and probabilistic risk assessment reviews for nuclear facilities.

Our main engineering application areas include aerospace, automotive and nuclear power industries.

We developed unique engineering capabilities for predicting reliability for aircraft structures and engine systems.Our in-house software provides quick and accurate solutions for both design and maintenance problems.

A special focus of our advanced engineering group has been the development of efficient computational tool for accurate forced response of forced response in jet engine bladed-disks.

Under continuous funding support from the Government, and in collaboration with various universities we developed a novel reliability prediction technology basedon efficient high-performance computing algorithms and state-of-the-artstochastic mechanics tools.

Our lead engineering group has extensive engineering experience in nuclear structural engineering applications with emphasis on seismic structural design and probabilistic risk assessment. Our seismic soil-structure interaction software offers unique engineering analysis capabilities to nuclear industry.